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Monthly house price index The Registers of Scotland produce (1) A monthly house price index (more Info Click Here). (2) A quarterly house price statistics (more Info Click Here). (3) House price search data (more Info Click Here). When we advise and help our clients we utilise as much statistical information as possible, but nothing beat experience. Here at HBC we work with thousands of buyers and sellers each year. We work thoughout the country and help negotiate huge savings. We know the markets, and the local quirks that the statistics cannot show.

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Offering For A Property

Getting accurate and upto date property advice is critical. Here at HBC we offer daily for property and as such we can advise you of the up to date property prices. You can obtain information on similar properties which have sold and the prices they reached yet these sums are historical and as we all know the prices can fluctuate on a month by month basis. Always remember that prices can be affected by the level of competition. If several houses go up for sale in the same area this has a profound affect on the prices. This would not be reflected in the historical data.

Moving to Dumfries and want to know the costs?

… NOT at the end? Some Firm's and Website conveyancing fees and quotes state that they are fixed, but are they? Look at the small print. Does your quote say the dreaded words “this quote is for a standard transaction”? So what is a standard transaction? ... Is your idea of a standard transaction the same as the solicitor's?….

OK, how about some straight facts!

... Like an MOT for your car, you're NEVER going to get a full and complete FIXED FEE! Sorry but it's a fact! I know you want to believe it and you have heard the urban myths, but it's best that you understand that straight-forward transactions cost less, but some cost more. Hopefully your transaction is simple, but at an early stage who knows what will be required? For example, your bank or the Dumfries lawyers for the purchaser may want a flood or environmental report; alteration documents; coal report; extra searches to check the boundaries; or there may find a defect in the property that require's to fixed before you can use the loan funds. The list can be endless.

So what's the plan?

Providing you with a quote from one of our Dumfries legal panel members which includes the majority of costs and the common additional costs is essential. Yet always remember that you will be provided a fully transparent quote. Use a law firm who can avoid the costs, negotiate hard and ensure that the costs are borne by the other party.

Your quote won’t depend on the value of your property

The fee quote is not always dependent on the price you pay for your new property or for the price you sell at, so in that respect you could say they are partially fixed and not just calculated on a sliding scale. We don’t believe in higher Dumfries lawyers' property fees just because the property price differs, it can be the same work!

Dumfries Conveyancing and property solicitors costs easy to follow

Your Dumfries conveyancing and property solicitors fees and costs will be narrated and easy to follow. No costs or fees charged by the hour, per telephone call or per letter sent. Your fee quote using our online calculator shows the fees and costs for your property solicitors and the unbeatable Dumfries property solicitors.



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Q - Can We Try The Service For Free?

Answer - Why Not?

Our unique ‘No Obligation Service Opportunity’ allows you the opportunity to experience our highly valued service without any commitment or payment on your part, so go ahead and compare Dumfries property solicitors. This period starts when you call and continues until you verbally accept your formal offer. The beauty is that if at any point within this period you decide not to proceed, you can walk away at no cost to yourself. We consider this to be a great option for you, saving you costs and giving you an opportunity to try our renowned service before making any decision.


Q - How Competitive Is The Fee?

Answer - Unbeatable

As competitive as possible, but we offer more than a great Dumfries property solicitors. Our aim is to keep the costs down, the service great and still be in a position to help you. Just run a quick Dumfries property solicitors quote.


Q - How Easy Is It To Get Started?

Answer - 5 Quick Minutes

Very easy! Give us some brief details about the transaction and we'll prepare and instantly email the quote to you. If you want we can get you started there and then. We always encourage you to provide us with as accurate information as you can to help us get the best price and the advice you really need. You also get a chance to compare our Dumfries property solicitors at your own speed. We work hard to make the whole process as clear and open as possible.


Q - What Do I Need To Know?

Answer - As little as you want

The beauty is that it doesn’t matter whether you're a property developer or a first time buyer, you don’t require to be an expert because our property solicitors are. The easiest answer is that you don’t require to know the process to obtain a competitive Dumfries property solicitors quote. We allow you to examine our Dumfries property solicitors using our conveyancing solicitors for unbeatable conveyancing fees, it’s your house, it’s your call.



" How to guarantee a great service? "


Dumfries Property Solicitors ?

Welcome to HBC and Dumfries property solicitors calculator. Selling or buying your home is an important decision to make, so at HBC you can rely on experienced and dedicated professionals to guide you in the right direction and with the use of our conveyancing solicitors for unbeatable conveyancing fees... your legal fees are easy to calculate! There are many benefits to HBC Conveyancing that go far beyond its unbeatable conveyancing fees and using a our panel property solicitors – there's no charge for making offers or and there's no up-front payment and through our panel legal firms we provide expert knowledge at a outstanding price (see our conveyancing solicitors). At the same time, we have many years of experience in the property sector so you’ll know that your purchase or sale transaction is in safe hands. Here at HBC we understand that there are many Dumfries property solicitors you could choose to work with. We believe that our expert panel firms have the correct balance between the service on offer and a transpartent fee structure to ensure that you get the best legal team for your money. Our solicitors deal regularly with all high street banks and building societies on a daily basis, so your choice of mortgage lender won’t be an issue for your property solicitors. Choose the correct team to represent you, speak with HBC Conveyancing today or try out our conveyancing solicitors for unbeatable Dumfries property solicitors.


What Makes A Good Conveyancer?

Ask yourself what makes a good lawyer and what makes good service? Then consider what do you expect from HBC Conveyancing? There’s no hiding behind glossy pictures and technology. At HBC Conveyancing we know that this is a real people to people service where communication is paramount. The people you choose to represent you will make the difference. When you know what you really want from your lawyer, it’s easy… call or email HBC Conveyancing and we can discuss what makes the difference.


About The Service

If you're unable to visit your Conveyancing Lawyer at the offices and wish us to arrange a home or work place visit then our panel firms are on hand to help. Its all part of the fantastic service on offer.

Choosing HBC could not be easier. Call us today for more information or ‘click’ on the below button for your free no obligation quote using our conveyancing solicitors for unbeatable conveyancing. With our conveyancing panel lawyers covering the whole country meetings can easily be arranged to ensure that your transaction progresses as smoothly as possible. Documents can be emailed or posted to you for signing and return to your solicitor, we can easily arrange this. Taking time out to visit legal offices can be avoided, unless you wish to call in. With Free offers and negotiations and with not a penny to pay until your transaction settles, it's never been easier.


Examining Fixed Fees

So you were given a Fixed Fee by conveyancing solicitors for your legal work? Are you really sure? In the world of law caveats and exceptions are abound. One in particular is the area of conveyancing or property law. Buying or selling property is akin to buying or selling a second hand car. Your car will require too be of a certified legal standard. Defects or legal changes to the legal standard will require work, sometimes inexpensive but it can be very costly. Now let’s not confuse the costs for your lawyer with the costs of the work, documents, reports and government charges as both require to be paid. Well unless you were given a fixed fee by conveyancing solicitors! In our experience you're as likely to find a motor garage to give you fixed conveyancing fees (Total Fee) to MOT and repair your car without examining it as you're to find a lawyer who will give you a fixed fee. Have a look at our conveyancing solicitors and compare our unbeatable quote

So, here we are stuck with the public who are obsessed with finding that elusive fixed fee from conveyancing solicitors from local Dumfries property solicitors. Like a good political sound bite or a marketing headline, it’s always quickly followed by caveats, conditions or exceptions. The usual is that you will be told that this fee and the charges are for a standard transaction. So what is a standard transaction? Is your view of standard the same as your lawyer? What happens if it’s not standard? So many questions to ask your conveyancing solicitors.


Do I require to check all the documents and deeds?

No, your conveyancing solicitors will check the deeds, reports and if required the surveyor or bank will be approached on your behalf.


In Summary

( We have found 3 types of Conveyancing legal fees )

No, but you will have to look into the basics (mortgage in principle). On a practical point you don’t want to offer for a house unless you know it's within your budget, so it's best to check with your lender and at least have an agreement in principle.


How many houses can I offer for?

1. The fixed fee, subjects to exceptions.

2. The pay by the hour fee quote.

3. The price list.

The first 2 are rather standard and there is a lot of information written about them. We have tried to highlight the need to check the exact wording of ANY claim of a fixed fee. Hourly rate (time on line) work is becoming less common but we have seen this combined in a fixed fee quote (see our conveyancing solicitors), to cover the extra work.

The third type of legal fee is not encounter often. The price list quote gives you the legal fee and then itemises the costs each piece of additional work, if required what it would cost. Many firms do not do this as they would rather you purchased on a headline cost, without detailing to you at the start the potential costs.

Dumfries property solicitors

"No upfront fees | No cost if you don't buy or sell | Transparent pricing"





Question - Can We Try The Service For Free?

Answer - Why Not?

FACT Our unique ‘No Obligation Service Opportunity’ allows you to experience our highly valued service without any commitment or payment on your part. So go ahead and grab a great quote in the confidence of our free no obligation trial.(ask for more benefits)



Question - How Competitive Is The Fee?

Answer - Unbeatable!

FACT Because you are going direct you avoid referral fees and kickbacks. That way all your money goes to getting you a great service!



Question - How Easy Is It To Get Started?

Answer - 5 Quick Minutes

FACT Very easy! Give us some brief details about the property and yourself and you'll be up and running with no fuss.



Question - What Do I Need To Know?

Answer - As little as you want to.

FACT The beauty is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a property developer or a first time buyer, you don’t need to be an expert because our Dumfries property solicitors are. Have a look now at our conveyancing solicitors.